May 15, 2021

Confident Women Are Beautiful Women: How Photos Play A Role

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Confident women are beautiful women. That’s quite an important sentiment; one I appreciate more and more each day. As I grow older, I am most certainly growing wiser. And, what I have learned is that confidence is, by far, a trait that very often can be seen.

Children’s Photo Displays – The Value

As shared in an earlier blog, studies have shown that displaying family and children’s photos in the home can increase children’s self-esteem. This creates a true sense of belonging, one that is important enough to be visible.


Think for a moment, it makes sense. If someone cares enough to hang your photo on the wall, they must believe you are important. And then, you believe it too. Photos build confidence. That said, take a look at some photos of young girls that I have taken in the past. They are incredible. Some children possess a level of self-worth that any adult would be lucky to have.


Talk about being confident….these pictures simply say, or show, it all.

Pictures Tell it All – Confident Women Are Beautiful Women

Think about the research I shared above. Children are more confident when they see themselves in pictures displayed in the home. As a professional photographer, I am 100% sure that is true for women as well. But, so many of us hesitate to have our picture taken. And, when we do, we are hiding behind our children or holding the phone in a selfie. We don’t pose for portraits ourselves.

But, we should. Because when you are the subject of a photoshoot, you are the focus. I work to make you feel your best, so you look your best. And, you will. The confidence you feel when you look in the mirror after prepping for your photoshoot will be incredible. And, it will be so visible in the final pictures.

Check out some of the shots below. These confident women are spectacular

The confidence is so strong, you can feel it. Now, imagine having this magnificent piece of art hanging in your home. Every time you pass a beautiful photo of yourself you’ll smile, remember how good you felt, and see again, how good you look. It a confidence booster.

Confident Mothers and The Value of Photos

Finally, as a mom, imagine having a stunningly beautiful photo of yourself….just you….displayed in your home. I’m guessing many of you have never even considered this. But, picture it. And think about what that says to your children.

Certainly, it speaks volumes; it practically shouts self-confidence. You are worthy of the photoshoot and the wall space. Accordingly, the impact of your portrait will be considerable, for everyone in your home.

Calling All Beautiful Women, Schedule Your Portrait Session Now!

Contact me today to schedule your photoshoot and consider being part of my 40 over 40 project. In other words, let me share your confidence and beauty through pictures.

In short, photographing women has become one of my passions. Specifically, my camera provides me the tool I need to capture the beauty and confidence inherent in all women. Moreover, I love this project and cannot wait to keep shooting.

NJ Womans Photographer

Finally, when I look at the pictures I have taken of fantastic, women, I smile. They are beyond beautiful and oh so very confident.



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