November 3, 2020

Displaying Family Photos The Emotional Value

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Displaying family photos, throughout your home, can help improve the self-esteem and self-confidence of your children. In fact, according to Creat(ing) a sense of belonging – promot(ing) an understanding of being part of something bigger–a family or community–by sharing family photos and stories….” can “can positively influence the growth of a child’s self-esteem and encourage them to believe in themselves…”


My Perspective

Subconsciously, I think I always knew this. And, conversations both throughout my childhood and as an adult made it even more clear. Think about it….we have all heard someone say something like “I’m the third child, my parents don’t have any pictures of me….” While this comment may be stated jokingly by an adult, the pain felt by a young child “missing” from family photos is heartbreaking to me.


In fact, as a professional photographer my home is FILLED with photos. There are family photos galore (every holiday, vacation and special event) and tons of pictures of my girls at every age and stage of their lives. Further, the photos we have serve as a subconscious reminder of our lives, our family and our love for each other.

Family Photos are My Art

Now that my girls are “grown” you may think I would take less photos. But, sometimes it seems like I even take more. And, not only do I take them, but I print and display them.


To sum up, photography is my life’s work and photos are my art. I love every aspect of being a photographer….the initial meeting with new clients, the joy of seeing families interact during a shoot, the opportunity to capture individual expressions and interactions at specific moment in time and the satisfaction of delivering the highest quality products.

How to Display Your Family Photos

Professional portraits capture your family at a specific point in time. The pictures taken provide visual references and forever memories that should be shared.


Displaying photos in your home is one of the best ways to keep family memories alive. And, there are so many ways to do this beautifully.

I’ll be honest, my phone is filled with countless pictures and I love the snapshots I have hanging on my refrigerator. But, what brings me the most satisfaction is my “wall art” — family photos transformed.

My Wall Art Products

I am so proud of the variety of products that I offer my clients. Once a photo session is complete we meet to review the images. After than, these images can be transformed into magnificent pieces of art.


Options include:

Photo Canvases

Canvases are both simple and spectacular; they takes a photo and turns them into works of art. But, canvases themselves are not simple. In fact, I offer my clients three options when it comes to producing them. Firstly, they can select from those that “wrap”, meaning the image extends over the sides of the product, providing a polished “finished” look. Or, cotton canvases stretched over wood, where the image appears only on the front are perfect for crips, clear photos.

Amalfi Panels

Certainly, this contemporary display is truly a work of art. Perfect for any wall in your home, Amalfi panels include spectacular matting designed to highlight the family photos they encase.

Acrylic Prints

These magnificent pieces of wall art combine the latest in printing technology and your exquisite photos. The finish is, in a word, professional and the colors and clarity cannot be beat.


In addition, metal photo panels are extremely popular. They allow you to display photos in a new and exciting way. Moreover, these are scratch resistant and waterproof. Available in a range of configurations, you can select the best way to display this family photo art in your home.

Take Your Family Portraits Now

In short, today is the perfect time to schedule your family portrait session. In other words, the holidays are approaching, older children are coming home from college and your younger ones continue to grow and change every single day. Finally, make sure to capture this moment in your lives in photos and create beautiful wall art from the pictures.


In conclusion, wall art is a heartfelt holiday gift…for someone you love or yourself. In other words, it’s personal and meaningful, truly two aspects of the best gifts.

Finally, keep in mind the words of the professionals who have shared time and time again that children’s self-esteem is improved when they see themselves in family photos. Undoubtedly, life today can be difficult at times, this is such an easy and beautiful way to help your children grow into confident young adults.

So, contact me to learn more about my photo shoots and the products that I offer. Subsequently, let me help you create meaningful and beautiful family photo wall art.



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