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My mission is simple:
 To tell your story because your story is


That uniqueness, that rarity, is enough reason for it to be worthy of sharing.

As a woman, a mom, and a woman, I wholeheartedly believe we should be using this life and our individual talents to lift each other up. It’s what inspired me to create Photos by Glenna.

Now, I get to live out my true passion — helping families, surprise proposals engagement , and women preserve the powerful legacy they’ve worked hard to create for themselves and their loved ones.

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Meet the artist: Glenna Rosenberg

I’ve had the honor of winning awards and accolades for my portraits, but the greatest honor is getting to be a part of a Family, Surprise Proposal and Engagement, or a Women's transformational experience. Through photography.

I get to be there…

  • When a family discovers the beauty and strength of their bond during our session
  • To see a couple’s love ignite after witnessing the power of their unique connection
  • Be witness to the awe on a woman’s face who doubted her inner and outer beauty when placing her portraits on her walls
  • When a couple decides to start the next chapter of their life together after a surprise proposal
  • To see an individual transform the way they value themselves after a session together

For me, this is the most fulfilling part of the job.

Success isn’t based on the dollar amount I make or the number of clients I book a year — it’s knowing that these portraits will be cherished for a lifetime.

Why does portrait photography mean so much to me?

Going through that challenging time revealed to me that, after the most precious moments of our lives have passed and the details of memories have faded, portraits can serve as the most powerful tool we have.

They can remind us of all the raw emotions and feelings that inevitably slip from our minds. They are storytellers for us and for our future generations.

This is why I’ve dedicated my life to showing families and individuals the power of photography, and the way it can preserve life’s most precious details.

For me, that was becoming a widow. It’s not something you truly get over, but I was fortunate enough to have portraits of my husband with our family so my daughters could see how loved they were by their dad. We cherish the photos every single day, and it’s a beautiful bonding moment for all of us.

I know how quickly life can suddenly change.

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my specialties

Women  •  Families  •  Children  •  Surprise Proposals 

And trust me. In my 10+ years of being an individual, surprise proposal, couple, and family portrait photographer, I’ve heard all the excuses.

  • “I’m not photogenic enough.”
  • “I love my family, but I don’t like to be in photos.”
  • “I’ll have the time to do it when x happens.”
  • “I want to lose weight.”

This isn’t about achieving some superficial goal. This is about capturing you and your family, for exactly who you are right now.

As your family and personal photographer, I’m here to crush any doubts, limiting beliefs, or myths you have about being in front of the camera — and to empower you, so you truly see how worthy you are of this experience.                          

As your family
and personal photographer, I’m here to crush any doubts, limiting beliefs, or myths you have about being in front of the camera — and to empower you, so you truly see how worthy you are of this experience.  

And honestly?

There is nothing more beautiful than family connection and individual self-confidence.

We are each too important to not be proud of our stories. We are each too unique to not be celebrated.

We live in a world where beauty standards and expectations of how a family should operate constantly change. So many of my photography clients come to me having internalized all the skewed standards placed on us, leaving them feeling defeated. That's why before a client even steps into my studio, I get straight to work changing the way they see themselves by showing them how much value they bring to the world.

I've made it my personal responsibility to shift the narrative that we need to live within the bounds of what society says.

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