Preserving legacies and sharing the beautiful stories of women, families, children and surprise proposals through photography.

Everyone has a story 

Let me tell yours.

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Imagine this: your legacy, captured in photos that make you feel


I firmly believe every person has a unique story to tell, but not everyone has time to tell their story and preserve the legacy they've created and are still creating for themselves and the people they care about the most.

I've committed myself to revealing that legacy to each individual who steps into my New Jersey photography studio, so they can see — and most importantly, believe — in the value they bring to the world.

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"Glenna does such beautiful work and she has an eye for what other photographers may often miss."

- Rachel G.

"Everyone has a story to tell  ... Let me tell yours"

There are too many extraordinary women and incredible families that feel like they don't have the time to pause and preserve the most special chapters of their life. Through Photography I can do that.

Time is fleeting. My mission? 

Life moves fast, and sometimes the details we want to remember the most can get lost in the shuffle. Family portraits are your opportunity to preserve those details — the kinds of details that can help you rekindle forgotten emotions and powerful memories.

What you receive after our N.J photography session together isn’t just a handful of ordinary photos.

Your portraits are snapshots in time that tell your story and capture your legacy.

To hit the pause button for you, so you can soak up your most precious moments.


Transport you back to all the priceless memories you treasure most with your family

As a New Jersey photographer I will artfully capture and keep the legacy you’ve created for your family

Provide you with heirloom portraits that will be treasured for generations

Being a N.J photographer I am able to transport you back to all the  priceless memories you will treasure most with your children. They are only young once.

Artfully capture and convey the legacy you’ve created for your family because what else is more important?

Provide you with heirloom portraits that will be treasured for generations

As a Marlboro NJ photographer I want to Remind you to value yourself for exactly who you are today.
You are worth it.

I get how much you don't like to be in front of a camera. I get that you are busy. I get that you are on a budget. But I also get that Women regret not photographing themselves.

Celebrate your unique inner and outer beauty
Help you recognize the strengths everyone else sees in you

03. for women


My promises to you: Together, we will          portraits that         ...

 01. for family

 02. for children

04. Proposals


"I don't have the words to express how much of a professional Glenna is. I have never seen my daughter's beauty displayed in a better way."

Marla P.


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After booking your photo shoot date, we'll stay in contact to discuss more concrete ideas, props, wardrobe, and the details that matter most to you. I'll also be here to make sure you feel prepared and confident for your big day!

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I only book one client per day so that you never feel rushed, and we have the space to bring your vision to life. During your New Jersey photography shoot, I'll make sure that your experience is enjoyable, relaxing, and fun!

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Think of this day as a celebration. We'll have some refreshments, pop out the wine, and make the most out of it! We'll collaborate on which products will make your portraits shine in the best light.

Not your



Meet Glenna Rosenberg, founder and lead photographer of Photos by Glenna

Storytelling through portrait photography is my absolute passion because I know first-hand how quickly life can change. When I suddenly became widowed, I realized that there was not one photograph of my family with the five of us together. I remembered a photo session we did as a family on a vacation. I didn’t purchase the images because I thought I looked horrible, but when I went back to the photographer, they (thankfully) still had digitals. Now, it’s my prized possession, as well as my daughters’ because it’s the only photograph of us all together.

This is why I’ve dedicated my art to giving families and individuals the same powerful experience I have whenever I want to reminisce.

It quickly became my favorite photograph in the world. Luckily, I have always been a photographer, so each of my daughters has an album filled with more than just one photo of them with him. Their albums allow them to see how loved they were by their Dad.

As a New Jersey portrait photographer, I’ve learned that the power of photography should never be underestimated because it can truly stop time by preserving life’s most special moments.

And although every experience I love to give to my clients is nothing but luxurious, we also know how to let loose and have fun. Being a New Yorker through and through, you can count on our time together being safe, and 100% real! (Anything goes with this New Yorker!)

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