March 15, 2021

Photoshoot? Do You Have Time for a Photoshoot?

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Photoshoot. As a New Jersey professional photographer, I’ve spoken and written the word so many times. For example, sometimes I share about shoots I’ve done. And, other times I’m looking for people for shoots I’d like to do.

Lately, I’ve been blogging a lot about my newest project, 40 over 40. In case you don’t know, I’m looking for 40 women over the age of 40 to shoot for an amazing reveal where I can showcase the true beauty of women.

Recently, I did my first official shoot for the project in New Jersey and it was incredible. I learned so much and had the opportunity to help a spectacular woman celebrate herself. Take a look at her. She is simply stunning.

Do You Have Time for a Photoshoot?

As I go about the planning for this photography project, I have spoken with countless women. Some have been so excited to have the opportunity but then said “well, I don’t have time”. You don’t have time for a photoshoot? Really? That seemed crazy to me until I took a moment to think.

I looked back in time. My girls were younger. I was a single mom, caring for my kids and working as a professional photographer — full time. What would I have said if someone suggested I take time out for myself. Honestly, I would have simply said “I don’t have time.”


Until recently, I would have believed myself. But my escape to Sanibel a few months ago made me super-aware of the importance of making time for myself.

You MUST Have Time for Yourself

I blogged about my escape to Sanibel (where I have a home and also work) earlier this year. While the value of resting and relaxing and reading in the sun cannot be overstated, the lessons I learned – or maybe realized – are even more important.


As a matter of fact, “Me Time” is critical. As women, and mothers, we tend to focus on everyone and everything else: our kids, parents, jobs, house and even friends. How is it possible there is ALWAYS time for others, but never time for us?

Earlier this week, as I was scrolling through Instagram , I stumbled across a page of someone with a lot of photos….a women author and podcast host who is the mother of 4 children. Her name is Zibby Owens and she wrote “Mom’s Don’t Have Time To: A Quarantine Anthology” and many of her podcasts also begin “Moms Don’t Have Time To…”

I LOVE this woman. She writes books, gives speeches, runs a business, and takes care of her family. We may believe that moms don’t have time, but she has proven that they do. We do. Furthermore, we MUST.

Certainly, her projects uplift women. They elevate us and they tell stories. Likewise, I hope to do something similar. I want to tell your story. And also lift you up. Moreover, I want to celebrate all that you are.

Book Your Photoshoot Today

In short, I know your busy. You are working, taking care of your family and your friends. Of course, I appreciate it all. But, you’ll be a better worker, better caretaker, and better person if you take the time to take care of yourself. Specifically, consider making me, a Marlboro, New Jersey photographer part of your time.

marlboro best photograher

To this end, as a participant in my 40 over 40 project you will get a pre-session consultation, professional hair and makeup, a full photo session with wardrobe changes, and a reveal/ordering session.

Please, let me share your story and take your picture. Above all, the experience will be phenomenal, and the photographs will show your true beauty.

marlboro photographer

Finally, contact me today to learn more about this amazing opportunity. And, as a woman over 40, I appreciate you and cannot wait to work with you.



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    I’m Interested in hearing about this opportunity

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