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NJ Womans Photographer

NJ Professional Photographs – The Unexpected Perks

August 23, 2021

NJ Professional photographs – when you sit for them, you think you know what to expect. In all honesty, the benefits may be even greater than you believe. Sit back, relax and let me share! Spectacular Pictures Firstly, if you are like most people, when you schedule a session for your NJ professional photographs you…

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NJ Womans Photographer

Photos and Words Result in Spectacular Messages

August 10, 2021

Photos and words can make for the perfect combination. Recently, I wrote a blog sharing how much the words of my 40 over 40 clients have meant to me. Without a doubt, their testimonials touched me. And, the fact that they took time out of their busy lives to share with others is beyond meaningful.…

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NJ Womans Photographer

NJ Women’s Photographer: The Value of Your Experience

July 15, 2021

NJ Women’s Photographer: I am beyond proud of this title. I’ve worked so hard to get my 40 over 40 project up and running. It has taken off and I am beyond thrilled. Grateful does not begin to define how I feel towards the spectacular women who have posed for me. They came with a…

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Mother & Daughter Photoshoots: The Love Completes Me

July 8, 2021

Mother & Daughter Photoshoots. What can I say, I just love them. Maybe it’s because I’m a “girl-mom”. Or, perhaps it’s because I have grown to appreciate my own mom in ways words just can’t describe. Whatever the reason, these photoshoots resonate with me. Check out my mom! She posed for my 40 over 40…

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Photos are Tangible Memories: Capturing Summers on the Beach

July 7, 2021

Photos are tangible memories. How true is that? We know how quickly time passes. Can you believe July 4th is already over? It seems like Fall will be here in an instant. Honestly, I have clients booking for September and October already. And as a professional photographer, while I’m looking forward to photographing them, I’m…

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New -Jersey -Child -Photographer

The Value of a “Girl’s Girl”: Marlboro Photographer Knows Your Worries

June 23, 2021

Without a doubt, the value of being a “girl’s girl” cannot be overstated. Well, maybe misstated. Undoubtedly, I’m no spring chicken. I feel like a girl’s girl, but maybe I’m a woman’s woman. Whatever. It’s all semantics. And age is just a state of mind. While some days I absolutely feel more woman than girl,…

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NJ_ Womans _Photographer

Moms: Pose for Pictures! Love Yourself & Your Daughters

June 22, 2021

Moms: pose for pictures. Today. Not after you “get yourself together”. Don’t wait until you join a gym, or lose 10 pounds or tone up. Do it now. As a Photographer, I’ve Heard It All As a professional photographer, and a woman “over 40 years old” I LOVE photographing women. It is this love that…

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NJ -Womans -Photographer

This 40/40 Legacy Project for Women is a Mind Blowing experience: Strong Confident Women are the best!

June 14, 2021

Uplifting Mature Women thru Photography is a trip worth taking! Uplifting Mature Women thru Photography is a trip worth taking! Honestly, I didn’t know how I would feel about photographing Women alone without their families with them! Being a NJ family photographer, I am not going to lie, I was hesitant. However beyond a shadow…

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Self-Love: The Importance of Taking Time For Yourself

June 3, 2021

Self-love – it’s so important. To clarify, it means caring enough about yourself that you take care of yourself. You know, the same way you care for those around you — your family, and your friends. That said, many women simply don’t take the time that they so desperately need. Of course, as a professional…

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Women’s Spectacular Photoshoots – Managing Body Image Issues

May 25, 2021

A key to women’s spectacular photoshoots is helping to manage body image issues. As a professional photographer, I’ve taken thousands of pictures in my life. As a result, I know that each “subject” is unique. Additionally, everyone has their own personal comfort level and it is my job to find it and leverage it. And,…

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NJ Womans Photographer

Confident Women Are Beautiful Women: How Photos Play A Role

May 15, 2021

Confident women are beautiful women. That’s quite an important sentiment; one I appreciate more and more each day. As I grow older, I am most certainly growing wiser. And, what I have learned is that confidence is, by far, a trait that very often can be seen. Children’s Photo Displays – The Value As shared…

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NJ_ Womans _Photographer

Honoring Phenomenal Women: My Greatest Pride & Joy

May 13, 2021

Honoring phenomenal women, through spectacular photographs, has become my greatest pride and joy. Certainly, I have had the opportunity to honor some really special ones. Between Mother’s Day, my 40 over 40 project, and my daughter’s recent graduation, women have truly been center stage in my life. Honoring Phenomenal Women: Mothers’ Day 2021 After a…

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NJ Womans Photographer

The importance of being a NJ Photographer for Women.

May 3, 2021

The importance of being a NJ Photographer for women. I never dreamed my career as a photographer would feel, the way I felt, after meeting Tina. Keep in mind I have been a professional photographer a LONG time! She came to me via Facebook to do a 40 /40 Photoshoot for Women and she wasn’t…

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Photographing Special Needs Children

Special Needs Child Photographer: Innocence & Love

April 16, 2021

“Special Needs Child Photographer” This is one of the titles of which I am perhaps the proudest. For example, as a professional photographer, taking pictures of children with special needs brings me a level of joy I honestly have trouble putting in to words. Knowing that, you can likely imagine the joy I felt recently…

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Family Photos in Freehold: 4 Fantastic Spots to Shoot

April 12, 2021

“Family photos in Freehold.” I keep repeating it to myself..something about the alliteration just makes me smile. That, and the idea of taking pictures in Freehold. Basically, as a professional photographer it’s one of my favorite places in central Jersey. Undoubtedly, it has everything that I love: great restaurants, awesome shopping and a host of…

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