March 11, 2024

New Year-New You: Empowering Photos

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New Year – New You: Empowering Photos. The power of pictures is amazing and the result of a simple photo shoot can have a significant impact on how you see yourself. You are worthy of the gift of a photoshoot. Consider treating yourself today.

Women Over 40 See Themselves as Invisible

Time and time again I talk to friends, relatives, and clients and everything they share about themselves is about others. For example, those who are mothers will share what their kids are doing. And, this isn’t limited to moms of young children. So many women with whom I speak focus considerably on their adult children and their jobs and lives, or networking. Now look, I’m a mom who can be completely obsessed with my girls. But, I have worked hard to develop a sense of self and purpose that is independent of them.

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40 Over 40 Photographer

This sense of invisibility is so evident when I look at many of their photos. Firstly, many of them are missing in family photos. (Chances are, they were the photographer). Additionally, in the photos in which they appear, they are often toward the back, blocked by other members of the family. Finally, I rarely see pictures of them alone. You know, intentional pictures.

Think about it. When was the last time you handed your camera (or iPhone as it may be) to a friend or family member and posed – alone? Chances are, your answer is never.

Women over 40 Are Beautiful

As a professional photographer, I am intrigued by the beauty of women over 40. It’s funny, I always have been. I appreciate all that they are whenever I see them – dressed to kill on a Saturday night at a trendy restaurant or walking in the neighborhood, hair in a ponytail, looking natural and healthy.

NJ Womens Photographer

Speaking of which, have you seen some of the most famous women making public appearances make-up-free? Jamie Lee Curtis, who I have admired forever, has been doing this for years. And recently Pamela Anderson, who is model perfect, arrived at a fashion show bare-faced and beautiful.

I have to admit, not only did I love the look – but I loved the fearlessness. You see, these women know perfectly well that they are not invisible. The mere fact that they did not wear makeup made the news. While the fact that this was noteworthy is frustrating given everything else going on in the world, the fact that it drew attention to strong, confident, sensational women was A-OK with me.

New Year-New You: Empowering Photos

Embarking on my 40 over 40 project was a turning point in my professional career. As a family photographer, I met so many incredible, strong, and accomplished women. I wanted to tell their personal stories and who they were through the beauty of pictures.

NJ Women's Photographer
Women are Spectacular

Since launching this series I have learned so much about so many. Each photoshoot leaves me speechless and each reveal with my client brings me unmitigated joy. Unequivocally, they share how powerful these photos are to them. My experience on each one leaves me eager to do another. The opportunity to take these photos is a gift that I appreciate with all of my heart.

As we finish the first quarter of 2024, I encourage all women to take time for themselves. Rest, continue to learn, and treat yourself however best suits you. And please, consider giving yourself the gift of a 40 over 40 photoshoot.

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Without a doubt, I love what I do. My life story has made me particularly aware of the importance of capturing memories and celebrating women. Reach out to me to learn more about a 40 over 40 photoshoot; I’d love to chat and share how I can best tell your personal story. New year-new you: empowering photos. The experience will be empowering – I promise!



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