January 17, 2020

Surprise Engagement Photos

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Certainly, I plan for surprise engagement photos. Think about it, coordinating a photo shoot is challenging when everyone KNOWS what is happening. Now, add the element of one person having no clue AND the effect a surprise can have. To clarify, preparation is so important!

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My Surprise Proposal Process

Over time, as a professional NJ photographer, I have had the privilege of photographing many proposals. The opportunity to participate in such a special moment in time, for two people who love each other, is something for which I am incredibly grateful. That said, I work hard to ensure these moments go smoothly.

First, I meet with the “proposer”. I want to learn about the couple. Therefore, I ask questions like “how do you think your girlfriend/boyfriend will behave?” and “Do you think she/he is expecting this”. This information helps me anticipate reactions and figure out an amazing strategy. Which is so important to me, making the session that much more memorable for the couple.

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Second, I insist on traveling with the proposer to the site of the proposal. In addition to providing a first-hand look at the setting, it offers me exposure to the lighting, a key to quality photographs. While there, we work together to determine positioning. I want to ensure I am able to capture everything during this special moment, particularly the expressions of everyone involved.


Once I have an understanding of the plan, I work through my process for the shoot. After that, I leverage my understanding of the location and the lighting as well as my knowledge of where everyone will be to help determine my positioning, at least at the start of the engagement. Of course, I’ll be moving throughout the proposal to capture this special moment, everyone involved and the ring / bling from all angles. And then it all goes crazy in a good way !


Surprise Engagement Day

Most importantly, the day of the surprise proposal I always arrive at the location early. Certainly, I want to ensure that nothing has changed. And, I never take any chances in terms of timing – being late is not an option. I am ready and waiting long before the proposal occurs.

During the actual proposal, I make it a point to get close enough to capture everything that is happening; yet remain unobtrusive. Moreover, while taking amazing pictures is my goal, I always respect that this is a special moment between two people. Certainly, I would never want to feel like I intruded.

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My Experience

In short, I have been taking surprise engagement photos for years. And, not surprisingly, I remember every single one. These photos shoots are some of my favorites.(Stay tuned in the coming weeks. I’ll be sharing some amazing proposal stories). I love seeing the surprise, the realization of what is happening and the pure joy on the faces of the couples I shoot.


Engagements are special. And, photographs of them are priceless. Imagine having this special time tangibly documented. In short, you will look back on them forever.

Contact Me to Schedule Your Surprise Engagement Session

Finally, if you are planning an engagement (or are the parents or grandparents of someone who is), and you would like to have your special moment photographed; contact me today. Honestly, I would love to hear your story and your plans for your proposal. Most of all, taking your pictures would be an honor. 732 986-9700



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