January 30, 2020

Sanibel Surprise Proposal

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I love photographing surprise engagements. If you follow me on social media, you likely saw the video of me shooting a surprise proposal on Sanibel Island Florida . Clearly, the bride-to-be was surprised…and elated. Moreover, so was I.

I Love Surprise Engagements

Firstly, let me share some back story. I was vacationing (well, working and vacationing) on Sanibel Island, one of the most beautiful spots on earth. During this trip, I shared that I was available to work. (I am a professional photographer) And, I did. As my vacation came to a close, a lovely gentleman called to see if I would be able to photograph his proposal – on New Year’s Eve afternoon, right before my flight home to Marlboro, New Jersey. Of course, I said yes.

In fact, as I planned his shoot I was reminding my daughters to pack their flip flops. Our working vacation was over. Well, almost. We had one last thing to do. You KNOW how important I believe a planning meeting is for surprise proposals. Certainly, it is a MUST. Except for this time. We simply did not have time.

I interrupted my girls packing session to drag them down to the dock outside my office. (This was the predetermined proposal site). Based on my conversation with Mike, I worked through the entire proposal, having my daughters stand in for my clients. I photographed my daughters in the positions I needed to be in for the photo shoot. Then, I texted them to him with instructions. (Thank goodness for I phone pictures!)

She Said Yes!

I locked my front door, threw my suitcase in the car and, of course, grabbed my cameras. It was almost time to take the surprise engagement photos. Next, I positioned myself on the dock so I could see them arrive.

The weather was beautiful; the sky was clear and blue and the sun was shining brightly. Trevor and Brielynn walked down the dock and I moved a bit closer and began to shoot. After that, he dropped down on one knee. (My daughter video taped the entire thing on her phone). I knew, without even looking, that these were going to be among the most magnificent photos I had ever taken.

NJ- Professional- Photographer

I mean, LOOK at this couple. They are beautiful. Most importantly, they are completely and totally in love. It was so evident. This last minute “job” that I took really affected me. The way Trevor talked about her, how he looked at her and how important it was to have his engagement photographed so they would be able to “see” it again and again, forever, actually made me tear up.

His love for her was incredible. I’m so glad I could be there. And, I’m so glad my girls saw it too. The idea that someday, someone would look at them the way Trevor looked at her was so emotional.

My Reflection of the Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot

The flight back to New Jersey was uneventful. I loved my trip to Sanibel, it is so special to me. But, I was excited to be headed home to celebrate the New Year with family and friends.


Finally, as a professional photographer, I am beyond grateful that I was able to end my year photographing the official start to what I know will be an amazing love story. Above all, I wish them years of health and happiness together. Thank you, Trevor and Breilynn for inviting me into your lives. And allowing me the pleasure of preserving your legacy



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