September 8, 2019

September 11 2001 | The day my life changed forever

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September 11 2001 | The day my life changed forever

  September 11 2001. I feel as if I have lived a thousand different lifetimes since then. Click here to see last year’s thoughts.

        September 11 2001. It is so damn surreal. Has it really been 18 years, is my youngest daughter really 18 years old? It dawned on me this morning that the anxiety I am feeling and the beginning of September is all because of this. I think Greenday said it best, ” As my memory rests but never forgets what I lost Wake me up when September ends” I think it was all of the year’s I spent reaching out to my kids teacher’s. Dear so and so.. If you are going to talk about September 11 2001 this year, please let me know, so I can act accordingly. My daughters are all in college now but don’t think I don’t think about it.

       This photograph was taken in May of 2001

This is the one and only family photograph I have. Imagine only one photograph of your family? How could that be? I am begging all families out there. Don’t be like me, have your family photo’s taken. One day they may be the only thing you have left. This is the sad truth. I have always said that I am so grateful to be a photographer, my daughters have many photos of themselves with Lloyd. What about those that don’t?

There are still people suffering out there. Look at the first responders and their families. They have to sit and watch their loved ones suffer for doing their job. I respect each and every one of you more than you could imagine

There are also the”Children of 9-11″ who suffer daily

When the good things happen, we remember And there are so many GOOD THINGS! Imagine all the graduations, the accomplishments, the things a parent should be around to witness. Its heart wrenching. It honestly sucks the wind out of me to have to hate September and all it brings every year. My kids are older now, and it is harder. Which child will have memories creep up and first grieve now. Trust me September 11 2001 is still an ongoing issue in my home. Mental Health is so important.


Here is my Plea as a 9-11 Widow

 Please don’t post photos on facebook of the Twin Towers on fire. Because It hits me in the gut and then I get into a lost pit of rumination thinking of Lloyd and what he went through. I know you are doing it from your heart, if you must PLEASE block me on the post. If you are friends with my kids, please block them as well. It KILLS us to see it. Please don’t call or text me to say ” I am thinking of you today” I know you are :) I appreciate it, really. If I talk to you daily then call me!

 It’s time for a new family photo

And trust me I will put alot of due diligence on which family photographer I will pick.( who am I kidding I already know )  I also won’t wait because time is promised to no one.

I hope every single day I make my girls proud. Because every single thing I have done, is for you. If it weren’t for you I would be lost. You are the reason I am a strong woman. You are the reason I fight for whats right. You are the reason I woke up 18 years ago and decided to live.

    I would love to donate a Fine Art Family portrait to a family who has recently suffered the loss of a parent. If you know of anyone please click HERE  reach out to me and let me know.




  1. Janeris says:

    So touching. You had that portrait taken just in time. So sorry you had to go through that.

  2. photobiz18 says:

    Such beautiful memories captured for all eternity. Hold them all close to your heart.

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