September 11, 2018

Today as the World Mourns

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Today as the World Mourns

Today as the world mourns please remember the Survivor’s, rescue workers, the people who still suffer, not just today but every day. Remember the ones who have cancer from running in when everyone was running out. Not only are they suffering but their families are suffering because of the attacks on September 11. But most of all remember the children who lost Parent’s that day. They are suffering the most. One day one of their Parent’s never came home from work. Many of them suffer from PTSD. Trust me I know. I have raised three of them. And I also have friend’s who have been raising the “Children of 9-11”.

For anyone reading, Please don’t take this the wrong way

 We don’t want you to remember us JUST today. Nor do we want the once a year phone call’s and the once a year Facebook messages and text messages. We don’t want to watch the tower’s fall AGAIN. And watch our loved ones die, Again. We want to grieve OR NOT like the normal grieving human. To see it on TV every single year, hurts us to the bone.

Every year we watch them die all over again.

To hear the name’s being read makes us want to go under the cover’s and not come out until September 12, when it goes back to “normal”. You see, we the victim’s remember them daily. We look at our children and wonder what they would be like if 9-11 never happened. All the celebrated milestone’s they are remembered and we silently cry as we remember their other parent isn’t there to see them thrive. We think about wedding’s and grandchildren.

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We basically want it to stop. Reliving it every year with the rest of the world isn’t healthy for us. Trust me I get it. It’s a sign of respect. Believe me we understand and we are thankful. But It’s enough. Please stop. Trust me we remember where we were that day. We don’t want to hear where you were. When you tell us we silently have a panic attack, because we don’t want to be rude and tell you to be quiet.

This does not mean we aren’t grateful for the love and support that you have given us over the year’s. Because we remember that too. So today, don’t call and ask how we are. Because we just might be okay. Don’t assume we are suffering just today. To end this on a positive note. Let them laugh while I enjoy this perfectly imperfect photo.

This blog is for my Survivor Sisters, you know who you are. Without you I could not have made it through the first few years. Please feel free to add anything I left out.


  1. Amelia Padalec says:

    You are spot on my friend. I cry as I read your statement. Sending hugs to you and your children. Be happy, live life and laugh. It is the best medicine in the world .

    PTSD survivor..

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