June 17, 2023

It’s a Great Time for Headshots

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It’s a great time for headshots. The reasons are many. As a Monmouth County professional photographer I know, first hand, the value of a good headshot. Suffice it to say, these pictures play a bigger role today than they ever have before. Below I’ve shared some reasons why summer is great time to update your headshot.

You Have Time

Traditionally, business slows a bit during the summer. The pace to which you may have become accustomed seems a little less frantic between Memorial Day and Labor Day. School (and the many activities that go along with it) are over. People take vacations; seeing the out-of-office message in an email response is common.

Quite simply, you have some free time now that you really don’t the rest of the year. It’s a great opportunity to update your headshot for your Linked-In profile and your website.

Updated Headshots Are Good Business

So much of business today takes place electronically – especially the introductory phases. Unlike in years past, people know what you look like before they even meet you. At least they think they do. Nothing is worse than meeting a potential client and having them not recognize you because your online photo was taken in 2010. While we would like to believe we age slowly and gracefully (and I’m a huge proponent of celebrating your age and your maturity – just check out my 40 over 40 project designed to empower women) we simply don’t look the same as we did 20, 15 or even 10 years ago.

NJ- Headshot -Photographer

A current headshot puts the real you at the forefront of your electronic profiles. Take the time to have one professionally done – you can tell when one has been taken with an Iphone against a white wall in your home or office!

Summertime Headshots Are a Great Graduation Gift

We all know someone who is graduating this spring/summer. Undoubtably, selecting a grad gift is challenging. Money can seem impersonal – and do they really need an expensive pen? I know my girls certainly didn’t (chances are it would have gotten lost in the shuffle of life).

That said, high school grads will be moving on to college and, before they know it will be be searching for internships and part-time jobs. College grads may be enjoying a brief break, but will soon be entering the world of full-time employment. An updated LinkedIn profile can be their greatest asset, and their site would not be complete without a headshot. Trust me, many of them just don’t have a quality photo to use.


I remember my friend sharing a story about checking out her son’s profile and seeing his senior picture (in the photographer provided tuxedo) staring back at her. She suggested he make a change as soon as possible.

Gift certificates for grad headshots are incredibly popular, unfailingly valuable and always well-received. You are making an investment in their futures.

Contact Me To Schedule Your Headshot Today

When it comes to headshots, don’t waste a moment. You never know who is googling you or your business – it is always wise to put your best foot forward. Make the time this summer to update your headshot or website photos; I’d love to help.

NJ -headshot-photographer

And, for those local Chambers of Commerce, contact me! I’d love to help your members update their online profiles as well!



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