April 20, 2023

Tips & Tricks for Family Photos: 5 Things to Do!

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Tips & tricks for family photos. Believe me, I know them all. As a Marlboro NJprofessional photographer who has been taking pictures of families in and around Monmouth County for years, I know from experience how to make photoshoots work.

As a parent, you want beautiful photos of your family. Capturing them at all different points in time provides you with a visual history of your family. Additionally, the photos you have can be displayed throughout your home and even shared as gifts with those you love. Nobody disputes the value of photographs, yet, so many families with young children find themselves delaying a family photo session because the idea of managing their kids throughout the process is, in a word, overwhelming.

Trust me, I know where you are coming from. As the mom of three girls, all close in age, I have seen and heard it all. And arguing with a 5-year-old is, without a doubt, a no-win situation. But, I can help! I have proven tips & tricks for family photos to make your family photo shoot a complete success.

Relaxation Is the Key to Success

If you are calm, your kids will be too. Let’s face it, even the youngest children have a sixth sense and can feel stress a mile away. So, If you are uptight about the upcoming pictures and all that they entail, your kids will be too. Trust me, everything is going to be great. As a mom and a photographer, I have been working with and raising kids for what seems like forever. I don’t expect your kids are going to be angels and I never judge. I know children are unpredictable and even the very best parents have kids that sometimes seem beyond control.

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This isn’t just talk – I mean it. You can relax and know that whatever comes up, we can handle it. So, instead of stressing about the day – prepare to enjoy it.

Don’t Force Things

I know that you had a vision of your whole family in white, including your 3-year daughter in a beautiful lace dress. The only problem is, she HATES it. I feel you. While I appreciate your vision I know that there is no way you are going to win in this situation. As a mom of three daughters and a Marlboro N.J Photographer I know this to be true!

A friend once shared with me her experience with her toddler daughter at her sister’s wedding. The purchased the most adorable white party dress – she looked like an angel. Except, when they went to the bridal room to put it on her, she flat-out refused. “I no like that dress AT ALL,” she said firmly. The child was hard-headed and determined (and she still is to this day). If you look at pictures of the reception you will see the little girl walking down the aisle looking super sad in her beautiful white dress – grasping a red Teletubby (his name was Po) in her hand (not quite the basket of flowers they hoped for). But, she was happy as a clam in the photos from the reception in an orange sweatshirt material dress direct from the Old Navy sale rack.

In short, comfort is key. Let me help you decide on a photoshoot wardrobe – based on your child’s preferences. There are so many cute options. I promise the pictures will be beautiful!

Treats Work – But Don’t Make Your Child Wait

Who doesn’t like a reward for a job well done? I know I do! But promising your kids ice cream after the shoot may not be a win. It’s hard to wait for a treat – and what really is done. In the mind of your three-year-old, that can be one picture. Instead, let’s incorporate the fun into the shoot. Bring along an ice pop or lollipop. Truly, the pop of bright color in a photo is so much fun! And, we can take pictures once they are finished as well. You’ll have a host of great shots from which to choose.

Family Photos Made Better With Ice Cream

Location Matters

Take your family pictures in a spot where your kids love to be. Maybe there is a playground close to your home. We can take some pictures on a swing and some off to the side, in the beautiful grass. Beach photos are a definite win for many – but if your child hates the feel of sand on their feet then this probably is not going to work out well. Luckily, you live in Monmouth County. If you want to take your family photos outdoors you have so many options. There are large parks, small parks, beaches,

fields, and flower gardens galore. Some families prefer to stick to the family and their own backyards. The options for a beautiful setting are endless. Not sure what you want to do, let’s chat! I can help you choose the best; spot for your family.

Family Photos on the Beach

Leave It to Me

Basically, the beauty of a professional photoshoot is that you don’t have to prepare and control everything that is happening. That is where I come in. In addition to helping you determine the best things to wear and where we should take the pictures, I control the process. So, your five-year-old is getting frustrated, let me redirect him and encourage him to participate. Your 7-year-old daughter is breaking down – no worries. I’ve seen this before.

You can rest assured that regardless of what comes up, I can manage it. And, in the end, I will leverage my tips & tricks for family photos and you will have a host of beautiful photos of your family.

Family Photographer

Let’s Get Started

When was the last time you made the time and effort to have professional photos of your family taken? It’s likely it is time to do it again! Children change so quickly, and quality photos are the perfect way to mark moments in time that you want to remember, forever. Contact me today to schedule your family photo session I cannot wait to meet you and learn all about those you love.

Planning your session is my pleasure, and taking your pictures is going to be so much fun! Let me put my tips & trips for family photos to work for you. Sit back, relax, and let’s go!!



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