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Marlboro family Photographer/ Hot flashes

Marlboro NJ family Photographer / Hot flashes here guys, seriously these hot Flashes are out of control! Being a family photographer I figure there has to be women reading this, right? Hence, I assume someone should have some kind of advice for me, I wake up every morning all snuggly and not one minute later I am on fire. It feel as if, it went from a perfect temperature to sitting in a pool of sweat. In my office in Manalapan NJ. Which does not look like the photo below. Nor do I drink as the photo below suggests, I just happen to see that photo and all that beautiful Bokeh reminds me of heat !


Beach Photos

When I take my client’s on the beach at the Jersey Shore there is always a breeze! This way, when I take beach photos inevitably I end up with my feet in the water! This year, this tradition will have a different meaning. “Your Photographer” will be doing it so she can feel the cool water on her feet ! This is slightly pathetic isn’t it? I am supposed to be writing blogs for you guys to learn about me and other sessions that I have done. Because this will make you feel more at ease when looking for your family photographer instead its a help me hormones blog! For any women of that age or women well past menopause I am sending out an SOS! What can I do that will help? So I can feel like the photo below?


Marlboro NJ Photographer / Hot Flashes

Is not how I should be promoting myself here. I should be telling you why I am the best photographer in the area. And why you would benefit from working with me, instead I’m begging for advice :)))

Women of Marlboro ad Manalapan HELP!!!!

 I think I will start my day by not having hot coffee and going into my new studio, which I haven’t announced yet and find a cool spot while I create magic. I am going to leave a contact form below, just incase someone reads this and can help or offer a word of advice




  1. Heather on April 15, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    While I haven’t entered menopause yet, I do take medication which leaves me with “hot flashes” during the day, so I feel your pain. I hear of some very successful natural remedies but haven’t looked into it too much as mine is medication induced. I know there are women who swear by some homeopathic cures. I’ll ask around!

    • admin / Glenna on April 15, 2019 at 11:13 pm

      Im sorry Hot Flashes are crazy Medicine induced or not- a hot flash is a hot flash !!! I did hear sweet potatoes … Peppermint oil…

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