July 16, 2018

What is my speciality?

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Do all Photographer’s have to specialize in something?

What is my speciality? I have reading about photographers who specialize in one thing or another. For months I have been trying to figure out, What is my speciality . I love photographing black and white portraits. But I truly believe it is because I like to capture the person as they are. No frill’s just “them”. As a NJ family photographer I love to photograph family picture’s, but that is because I love to photograph families, together . I love to watch them interact with each other. Please click HERE to see my family picture’s. Can you see why it’s so hard for me to find out What is my speciality ?

What is my speciality?

SO Cool, to be able to witness a true once in a lifetime moment. For both Father and Daughter. Maybe I am more sensitive to these moment’s because of my situation? Feel free to ask I am open book! I witnessed a woman who got engaged an an a NJ engagement photographer I witnessed her dad emotional it was amazing. The raw emotion was seen to everyone present. It was BEAUTIFUL!! I was reminded of a moment that my fiance’s beautiful daughter got married. Those are the moment’s that I will never want to miss. But how do I say that without sounding like the corny NJ photographer who takes family photo’s.

I believe my speciality is people. Moments, the fun, the amazing. From a beach photo shoot, to maternity photo shoot to child photography and beyond. It’s the special moment’s. The ones that make me laugh and cry. I love them all . That is my speciality ! See the photo’s below to see what I am talking about and if you are interested in one of these photo sessions click HERE and let me know!


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