November 13, 2017

Changing the face of beauty, NJ photographer

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Changing the face of beauty,

NJ Photographer this Session Melted my heart.

Changing the face of beauty, NJ Photographer I am beyond blessed. Not only do I get to photograph people but as a NJ photographer I am going to try to help. Although for the life of me I can’t image how anyone could look at these faces and not see the beauty? Since many years ago I have always loved children. Before having three of my own I worked for the school system with children who had Autism , somehow that lead into working as a sign language interpreter for deaf children. Anything I could do to help in Changing the face of beauty. would make me proud.

I have learned about a Network named “Network21” If you are a Parent or a Care giver of a child who has that beautiful one extra chromosome and are not aware of this organization reach out to them. I have met some beautiful human’s thru them. Also learning a lot IE: I have learned that there are ways of speaking about people, which resonated with me on so many different levels. I use to be the “September 11 Widow” and my beautiful friend Debbie use to be known as “the one with Cancer”.

With people, FIRST LANGUAGE, kids are kids are kids-same with adults. Don’t define people by their diagnosis. We don’t say, oh there’s so and so, he’s a cancer kid. We say oh, there’s so and so. Same for Down Syndrome. Logan is a child. Not a Down Syndrome child. DS has a lot to do with his make up but it doesn’t define him. He has his mother’s complexion, eyelashes and veins, and he’s the spitting image of his father. He s active, kind, loving and the most empathetic person you’ll ever meet. Logan is a sweet, smart, witty little boy who happens to have Down Syndrome .

As my own children started to grow up I decided to document their childhood with my camera and then I fell in love with photography all over again. So, with all that being said I am here today with Logan and his amazing family who were an absolute joy to be with, much less to have the honor to photograph.


I believe what Changing the face of beauty is doing is wonderful. In a world where everybody is different we should celebrate. That is exactly what I did. I am so beyond thrilled that I had the opportunity again, to photograph a Child with Down’s Syndrome. You can view the other photo’s on my page just click here.

To contact us for your childs photography needs or any other sessions please click here.

I can’t end this blog without mentioning Logans beautiful soulful sister. She is just as sweet as Logan and LOVED posing for the camera!


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