November 30, 2017

Blessed to have Amazing Clients

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Blessed to have Amazing Clients

 I am very straight to the point. If I tell you that your photo’s may take a while to be delivered I want you to know why. Your family is beautiful and I know how Blessed I am to have Amazing Clients. I want them perfect. One day I want you to hang them on the wall and love them every time you see them.

 I look at your photograph’s many many times. In my attempt to find the ones that make me “feel something”. Then, I take time to “cull” your images. Which basically means that I am looking at each cluster of photo’s taken to find the best ones to show you. Once I do this I need to make sure there are “just enough” images in your gallery to choose from each pose. Which is so hard for me because I am not sure of the expressions, especially in children. It’s hard to figure out which smile is forced and which is real.

 So I text you, and ask. I then remove the “fake” smiles. By that time my dog’s have used my house as a toilet bowl. The cat’s are on top of the computer obsessed on the “Arrow” making it hard to work. Because they are so darn cute ! My youngest daughter is texting because she forgot “something, anything” at home. And need’s me to drive to the school to get it to her.

Now comes one of my favorite parts of the day

By then I’m ready to be at a photo session where I ALWAYS stay much later than I say I am going to stay because I truly love what I do. The kid’s steal my heart and I turn to mush. The mom’s are always worried because the dad’s want to leave and I am trying to catch the moments in between that capture your family. I will feed whomever is home or I should say “take out” whomever is home for dinner because I hate to cook knowing they aren’t going to eat it anyway .Now comes “mom stuff” which I am also very happy to be doing.

Before I know it I have to “blog” which you can read by clicking here! Because this is what keeps google interested in my webpage (which you can get to by clicking) here.

And this is how I get to meet even more amazing people. Are ready for the kicker? These blog’s need to go out at a certain “Primetime” which I have no clue when that is. I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not at 225 am, because anyone who may need a family photographer is no doubt sleeping!!!!!

In all of my years being a photographer I have had clients who have had been amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

 I will hit all my blogging “points” get into bed and pray 8 am gives me a solid 5.5 hours of sleep. Tomorrow I will wake up and attempt to keep healthy by exercising and then sending out this blog and finishing up a gorgeous photo shoot of a young man with a top hat and cane.

 For sure I have broken every single business rule tonight with this blog. So please do me a favor and tell me in the contact form below how you spend your days :)

Last but not least

What else can I say, my client’s are incredible and I am grateful.


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