October 1, 2018

NJ Family Photographer reconsidering how we think about photography.

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NJ Family Photographer reconsidering how we think about photography

NJ Family Photographer reconsidering how we think about photography and professional photo shoots.The thing that most people think about when picking up a camera these days is usually a “selfie”. I want people to think about photography as stopping a moment in time. Because in essence, you are.

family portrait photography

 It’s just that the memories aren’t tangible anymore. I think this is because of technology. One day we won’t have access to our photos. Kind of like eight track tapes.

 As a NJ Family Photographer

I want everyone to be able to look at their family photo’s hanging on the wall, or in an album. My mom just sent me a box of old photo’s. I just had them laminated so they would not fade anymore. Family photography is so important, we should know where we and who we came from.


Life is enriched when you surround yourself with the people who you love. I was just with client’s and to see photo’s in their home from 20 year’s ago still hung up on the wall, made me feel wonderful. I know the photo’s I took of them will be up for another twenty year’s….. And that is something I can live with

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