Central New Jersey Family Photographer Prom Season


 Central New Jersey Family Photographer. Prom Season is starting in Central New Jersey. This is when your Facebook news feed is swamped with prom-posals. Which I find enjoyable! Usually one person ask’s the other to the school dance, often with flowers, chocolates, and a large sign. This may or may not mean something from a relationship. You might just be one of these individuals, and maybe are contemplating asking someone out or accepting someone’s proposal.

It is such an exciting time in a teen’s life. As a mom I have gone thru five that is right five prom’s. Three of them were Junior prom’s. Two were senior. According to my calculations there is one more to go. It’s kind of sad to know that my “prom” season is almost over. So, tonight, I pulled out all of the stop’s.

We went prom shopping, dress, hair, makeup, shoes. I tried to soak it all in. Watching my daughter get her make up done by Makeup By Sam. She was phenomenal, a pleasure to be around and she came in and worked her magic. To see her work click her instagram here.

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Hair was done by Daniella and the Photography done by PhotosByGlenna. I mean, myself! As a mom I was thrilled to get such a wonderful photo of these two. It wasn’t about the posing as much as the candid moment’s. Such as this one. So while my “mom prom time” is dwindling I get to live them again thru others.

If you are interested in a Photo Session for your Central New Jersey Prom, click here!

 I would love the opportunity to watch those beautiful moments unfold and hand them to you to always remember such a special time.

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