Sanibel and Captiva Island Family Photographer dates Announced

This weather is CRAZY!

One minute it is literally freezing everywhere and the next minute its 60 degrees. I have a feeling Mother Nature isn’t too happy. So on that note there are new Sanibel and Captiva Island Family Photographer dates Announced.

From what I saw the weather on Sanibel and Captiva Island’s look outstanding next week. I want to see if the Momma Eagle had her babies yet. I have photo’s I must post here so you can see her. She is beautiful.

We found her on Pond Apple Trail .

It is so amazing to find new things even though I’ve been on those Islands for years.

I will be working there on January 30, January 31, February 1 February 2 and February 3.

To view my work from South West Florida’s Islands please click here.

As a matter of fact I will be updating my latest photography session’s to that page later on today. So please don’t hesitate to check back.

Being there and photographing your family will be my pleasure. We can even meet a day later for coffee at your convenience so you can view and order anything you may want to purchase and not have to wait for your vacation photographs. My latest Clients seem to love to quick turnaround service.

We can even do this via Skype or FaceTime. I am always so excited to say these words. Sanibel and Captiva Island Family Photographer dates Announced

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