November 27, 2017

The difference between Black & White and Color Photography

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The difference between Black & White and Color Photography


Oh how sweet this little boy was. His smile lit up the entire place! He was so cooperative and such a great model! These are the pictures that really tell a story. For this particular picture, I happen to favor the black and white version. Not that the color version is not superb, just the black and white really captures the moment. It’s almost if the picture stops time in its tracks. It preserves this moment of this sweet, little boy forever. It is something that he and his parents will someday look back on and remember their time on Sanibel Island.

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Black and White is more than just a style, it’s the mark of a true photo. When you strip the color out of a photograph, you let the image speak for itself. You reveal the true subject, and it is beautiful. As humans, we see the world in color, always looking with wide eyes. While a photographer takes Black and White photos, they are brought back in time. The photographer is brought back to a time where there were fewer distractions, and everything was clear-cut. In this photo, the black and white version allows us to study the boy closely. Taking out the color allows us to see the laughter in his eyes. We can clearly see the innocence in his face, without distractions of any kind.

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This little boy was the perfect candidate for my black and white style. He was so fun and so easy to work with! Not to mention that it was taken in one of my favorite places in the world, Sanibel Island. The black and white style really fits in on Sanibel because everything is slow-paced, like time is slowing down. This is exactly what it means to me when I take a black and white photo. I hope that this little boy will look back on this photo and remember his family vacation to Sanibel Island! And how much fun we had during this session!

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