June 30, 2018

Saturday morning mothering / Marlboro NJ Photographer

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Saturday morning mothering

Saturday morning mothering My 21-year-old daughter has been telling me she want’s a home cooked meal. I did say 21 year’s old, right? Just clarifying. As always this is a long story. You see I cooked every meal for them breakfast, lunch and dinner for years and years. One day I decided to go Vegetarian , and decided to stop feeding them red meat. So they didn’t like the organic Salmon, Halibut, baked potatoes and fresh veggies. Cooking this for three kids daily is kind of empowering – until they throw it in the garbage, give it to the dog’s or simply tell me it sucks. ” Mom you know I don’t eat fish”. Well that fish is expensive!

New Jersey photographer makes home cooked Meal

Eventually I decided to stop cooking. I mean at 16-18-20 year’s old they should know how to cook, correct. One of my daughter’s graduated from the Culinary arts and hospitality program at Freehold Boro High School. Four years of learning how to cook. Yet, I should have my food thrown out. So long story short, I stopped cooking. Well let me tell you something I think is hysterical my daughters shrink seem’s to think that I should be cooking home cooked meal’s for my adult children. I must be a pretty messed up mom because if my adult daughter’s can’t cook for themselves then I’ve clearly done something wrong. Hmmm or maybe they are spoiled?

In all honesty I’m saying this with love. They really do know how to cook. They have access to Whole Food’s in Marlboro as well as all of the other supermarkets in the central Jersey area. As well as transportation to get there. So, with all that being said, this Saturday morning mothering went wonderfully! I made breakfast in bed. Eggs, fruit, toast and now they are happy.

So anyway the shock and awe on their faces were worth it.

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