May 14, 2018

STOP AND READ THIS/ Central New Jersey Family Photographer

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Photographs are part of your family’s legacy. I mean it. LITERALLY!
I came home from a vacation to a box sitting on my kitchen table from my Mom. I had no clue that she was sending anything, when I opened it there were many family Photograph’s. A true gift for this Central New Jersey Family photographer, trust me ! Two of the photographs , my dad wanted blown up. Two tiny 2×3 photos he wants blown up and made into 8×10 picture for his wall. I go into Costco and they can make me a “CD” of these photo’s. A “CD” what am I going to with a CD my MacBook doesn’t use a CD player anyone. Who does? Now I have to purchase an old outdated CD extension,  plug it into my computer, buy an adapter to upload two photograph’s. When it comes to the future of your family’s legacy, there is nothing more precious, than photograph’s. One that hangs on your wall, or in an album.  Want to preserve your families memories?

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Inside those photograph’s were pictures from my mom’s childhood. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was my mom younger than my daughter’s are today! I’ve never seen these photo’s before! My Grandmother was born in Romania we know she had a Brother, and for the first time, I saw his photo. The were separated right before the war. She came with a neighbor to the United States and he stayed in Romania. Some of these photograph’s are dated early 1900’s. THAT IS INSANE! is blown away. There are more photo’s of one side of the family than the other. Now, I need to try to hunt those down. There are photo’s here of my Mom and Uncle under five years old. My dad and his brother. My Aunt’s who passed away. There are photo’s of my grandparent’s very young. In one photo is my dad who was probably a young teen at the time.I hope you notice the iPhone photograph. Eventually, the iPhone will be outdated, the photograph’s from the early 1900’s are still here.   DIGITAL MEDIA WILL CHANGE. IT WILL EVOLVE AND THE “CLOUD” WILL LOSE YOUR PRECIOUS PHOTOS. I am so thankful that I have photo’s of my Husband. How else am I going to share his memory with his future Grandchildren? I refuse to let him be forgotten.


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