Maternity Photographer NJ Beautiful Reminders of Your Bundle of Joy

Hiring a professional photographer for maternity photography in New Jersey is an important task. As a mother of three, I can understand what a woman goes through once she gives birth. You cannot wait to see your baby’s face, bring your newborn home, and fill your home with love and laughter. I also know that the whirlwind of pregnancy can be a blur, leaving you with little time to capture these priceless moments.

A mother is at her most feminine and empowering when she is pregnant. Through maternity photography and portraiture, I will be able to preserve this incredible moment for you; giving you the means to share it with your family for years to come. For an experience like no other, make this a part of your pregnancy journey.

A Maternity Photographer That Mothers Can Relate To

As a local and trusted professional maternity photographer in NJ, I am proud to say that my ability to capture motherhood is second to none. My clients can count on me to make them look and feel amazing as I document this special time in their lives.

Maternity Shoot Process


First of all, you’ll want to schedule your maternity portrait session no later than 36 weeks into your pregnancy and at least two months before you are expected to give birth. This ensures that your baby bump is large enough yet you are still not expected to deliver.


Once you have scheduled your NJ maternity photo session, think about the details such as location, theme, and your loved ones’ participation. Whether you want it done near the Jersey Shore or somewhere even more majestic, I can find the perfect spot for you.

Relax and Pose

My goal is to make sure that every element of your maternity shoot is taken care of. This means that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the magic happen. There is no time to waste when it comes to maternity photography, so I suggest you schedule your session today.

Get in Touch

Let me discuss everything you need to plan for your Maternity Portrait Session in NJ. My photography services do not end when you take your baby home. I can also document your life with your child at every age and stage. Learn more by reaching out to me today.